Editing Services

for photographers

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A bit of background.

On my long journey as a wedding photographer the thing I struggled with most was to create a new and fresh look that stood out from the masses in South Africa, something my clients would love to look at and would also be satisfying for me to look at everyday.

The style I came up with I would describe as modern, clean and elegant. I believe my style of editing isn't some phase photographers and/or editors go through but rather a timeless look that will still be beautiful in 50+ years.


In the past I've done editing for many people (at the start of my career it was all I did, I was a full time editor to a well known Cape Town based wedding and lifestyle photographer/blogger) I also did work for a lot of international clients, mostly photographers from Europe. 


How it works.

We'll start off by having a chat, we can arrange a quick Skype call just to meet each other face to face and I'll explain the process in a bit more detail. I'll also share a document with you on how to prepare your files and how to send it my way for editing.

Two ways of going about it.
You can either hand off your images to me and I'll do all the editing from scratch.
Or you can include your preferred preset and a few already edited images in the catalogue and I'll take it from there.


Pricing starts at R4 / image.

Unfortunately I do not do any culling, you need to send your already selected images. 
Minimum of 50 photos.



Cool, send me an email and we can take the conversation further.


Here are some side by side comparisons


Straight out of Camera