Are you stuck creatively?


I've made a decision to stop being mediocre. I've fallen in a dangerous trap where I only do what have been expected of me, I stopped pushing myself, I started getting comfortable with my photography where I know what to do and I only do that. I cannot believe this happened!


I follow a few international photographers work as inspiration. My favourite being Jose Villa and Erich McVey (the list goes on and on, but these two stands out) I'm constantly checking out their work and (I cannot believe I'm typing this) COMPARING my work to theirs! I'm a firm believer in Theodore Roosevelt's quote 'Comparison is the thief of joy' but I also believe that in this case it may just be the thing that allowed me to escape from the hole I've been stuck in lately. Comparing my work to theirs allowed me to see that I'm not near where I want to be, and in the last wedding season I haven't even came one step closer to that.


So, last week I presented a wedding photography workshop. It was amazing, Nikki Potgieter from Bride Sidekick (who recently moved to Pretoria, you lucky dogs) styled an amazing table and arranged the most beautiful bouquet I've ever photographed. We had a b-e-a-utiful dress from White Lilly Bridal with the most gorgeous short sleeves and open back. Susan Brand did custom calligraphy that's total eye-candy (I wish typefaces were never invented, I live for true calligraphy)


On this shoot I gave it my all, I was inspired by the creative attendees. I fed off their energy! I made sure to think about my shots in a more creative way, instead of falling into the mindset of just photographing what the client needs. I actually thought, what would make me happy, how do I want to take this photo?


I was blown away by the outcome! I think I rediscovered my voice as a photographer! I couldn't be more happy and I cannot wait (I am so freaken excited) to go and do this at my wedding this weekend.