i'm not a developer/designer, but i have an appreciation for the art

I am definitely not a web developer and certainly not a designer, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an appreciation for the art which is both. I spend a lot of time on the internet (okay the most of my time :D). I’m constantly searching for new trends in photography, what’s the latest tech used by someone somewhere, you know useful stuff :)


One thing I’ve noticed while spending all this time on the Interwebs is that I have a love for a well thought out website. If I browse through a site and I see text misaligned, photos pixelating or a difficult menu (because the person thought it’s ‘something different’) I normally close that tab and go to the next website.


For me a website should tell a story, from the landing page right through to the contact page. I’ve spent hours and hours thinking about what I want my website to look and feel like and I’m so happy with my entire site. My website is one of the few photographers blogs that have individual pinnable photos. Normally people use blogstomp to create compilations of images for blog layouts, I don’t. I want people to be able to save/pin what they want without the added photos next to it.

Luckily for me WordPress is a easy to use interface and if you use Google (whenever I get stuck I always ask Ms. Google) almost anything is possible. I use a few plugins on my website to help me achieve certain tasks I want (I know any developer/coder reading this is sitting there slapping themselves silly). As I said earlier, I’m not a developer, I cannot code something to life. I love plugins, their easy to use and it helps me do what I want.


I’m really pro pretty and functional. The moment I’ve stopped comparing myself to others in my direct industry was the moment I’ve stepped out of mediocracy. I haven’t looked at someone else in our country for inspiration for a few months now, and I must say I feel lighter! I started looking at how other people do it, I’ve built my website in a way to attract the clients I want to get with the wedding budgets I want to photograph.


In today’s day and age this is the first contact/meeting point you have with your future/potential clients, it’s your digital storefront!
What does your website say about you?