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I'm a 20 something year old guy enjoying life alongside an incredible woman. My mission is to interact with my clients in such a way that their true character and nature, both individually and as a couple, are communicated in an incredibly pure and honest manner.  Utilizing a fine art approach to photography, I have a discerning eye for organic, simple images. Brides who work with me desire their day to be honest, full of life, and intentional in a way which accurately depicts their relationship.


I have recently been published in print with: wedding collection and wedding inspirations as well as digitally on: magnolia rouge, ruffled blog, brides, wedding friends, b.loved  and more. If you are interested in more information or would like to book, please leave a note!


Throughout my time as a photographer, I have had the opportunity of telling clients' stories all over South Africa.  My wife, Roelandi, and I currently reside in the south of Sweden, but travel as often as possible and constantly are anticipating the next adventure


Our Wedding


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We met and became good friends instantly. Not one day in our relationship felt like effort or work. Both Roelandi and I grew up in the bushveld, so we decided to start our lives together in that same place that will forever hold that special part of our hearts.

We said our I do's underneath a massive Marula tree in front of 80 of our closest family and friends, on a saturday afternoon in April 2016. With the warm african sun beating down on us, and the cool autumn breeze keeping everyone cool, we started our new life journey, together as one.

From that day my whole view point on wedding photography has changed. I want to capture the essence of a wedding! For my wife and I, the most special photos were the emotions of our wedding, my father crying as we said our vows, my in-law’s laughing uncontrollably as I accidentally called Roelandi’s father ‘oom’ instead of dad during my speech. It was those small moments that made the impact in our photo collection! Almost everyone remembers the big things, I want to capture the smaller things that may be easier to forget over time, but when ever you page through your album, you can have a flashback and relive everything! That’s my goal!



will always be part of me
no matter where I live

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